Ludriano di Roccafranca, Brescia

Three Generations Cheesemakers

It all begins thanks to grandfather Angelo Campiotti, born in 1890, in the early 1900s he was a small cheese trader in the Varese area and in Switzerland.

In the 1940s he got in touch with some sellers who pushed him to produce cheese in the province of Pavia and thus began the production of Gorgonzola.

At the end of the 1950s, his son Ermanno, the seventh of ten children, was sent to run a dairy purchased in the province of Brescia where Grana Padano was made. Shortly after, the whole production is transferred to this dairy where Grana Padano DOP is still produced.

Since 2004, the business has been in the hands of Ermanno's children: Vincenzo, Emanuele and Silvia. All the sibilings have dedicated themselves to work and to the company and in 15 years of progress they have come a long way, working a lot with commitment and sacrifice. Consumption, the economy and business have undergone important transformations. Today, the corporate imperative is to provide an answer to the customer that is up to date and with the demands of the modern consumer. The commitment of the family and collaborators is, now as then, aimed at doing well, according to tradition, but with an eye to the future.

"the good cheese is made with good milk"

The milk we use comes from stables located within 20 km of the dairy, two of these stalls have been supplying milk continuously since 1959. We are happy to work in this sector that we believe to be "healthy", a large but small sector in which everyone knows each other and even in times of crisis there is also the awareness of being able to count on the other players in the sector.

Our children are thrilled to come to the dairy and this is a source of pride for the whole family: they are happy to show their peers the concrete production and how the Grana Padano DOP cheese is born.


Flexibility and quality for the production of our milk derivatives: quality control of parameters and certifications in full compliance with specifications and deadlines.


We adopt sustainable production processes that preserve the raw material in favor of the taste and workability of the final product.